Chinoiserie Hand-Painted WallPapers

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These elegant, hand-painted wallpapers created on a silver leaf ground are in the style of the Asian-inspired, 18th-century European art form known as chinoiserie.


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As a result of the developing trade relations between East and West, 18th-century Europe was introduced to gorgeous Chinese porcelain. In fact, the refined 18th-century French interior often displayed exquisite Chinese porcelain among finest French furnishings. This led to a developing fascination with Eastern culture and the creation of the Asian-inspired art form called chinoiserie. Even though this art form was developing throughout 18th-century Europe, the term chinoiserie was actually coined in the 19th-century. Like the style rococo, which dominated mid-1700’s Europe, its sole purpose was to engage and delight the senses. However unlike rococo, chinoiserie emphasized beauty and playfulness with a fantastical sense of whimsy.

Wonderful examples of chinoiserie designs can be seen in French period paintings. Especially lovely are the interior scenes painted by François Boucher, court painter to King Louis XV. Boucher’s interiors are filled with gorgeous Chinese porcelain and hand-painted screens. A number of these pieces were documented as part of his estate when he passed away. Its exciting to know that the artist actually lived with these beautiful pieces, which he lovingly captured on canvas.

There is a timeless beauty and charm to these hand-painted papers, and we love how they bring elegance to both the contemporary and traditional interior. Chinoiserie-style, hand-painted wallpapers are available to our clients in a variety of designs and colors as well as in silver or gold leaf. These can be mounted on board, as seen in our accompanying photos, or applied directly to walls.

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2 reviews for Chinoiserie Hand-Painted WallPapers

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