Chinoiserie Hand Painted Wall Papers

These elegant hand painted wall papers are created on a silver leaf ground and were inspired by the 18th c. art form, that later would become known as chinoiserie.

The word chinoiserie was coined in 19th c. Europe to refer to this popular 18th c., Asian inspired art form. It is whimsical in mood and delights the senses with its playful and fantasy inspired themes. With trade relations developing between the East and the West, 18th c. Europe was introduced to the gorgeous pottery from China.  The refined 18th c. French interior often displayed exquisite Chinese porcelains and the fascination with Eastern culture would lead to the creation of this new art form. I think of chinoiserie as rococo meeting the East;  chinoiserie, just like rococo, emphasizes beauty and playfulness and has a sole purpose to engage and delight the senses.

There is a timeless charm and beauty to these papers and they are just as lovely today, displayed in a room with contemporary furnishings, as they were in the refined French 18th c. interior.

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Product Description

These are available to our clients, either mounted on board, as seen in our accompanying photos, or applied directly to the walls as wall paper. Our artisans are skilled in handling and applying these delicate papers and travel the world to install them. Our pair, which are mounted on board and ready to hang, are available for purchase.

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