Albert De Belleroche (1864-1944)

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This sensual and beautifully-painted oil-on-canvas by the French Painter Albert de Belleroche measures 21 5/8″ by 13″. With its period frame, original to the piece, it measures 29″ by 21″. There is an inscription on the back of the stretcher, dedicating this painting to Lili. Lili was a favorite model of Belleroche and Toulouse-Lautrec, and was also Belleroche’s mistress.

This comes from a collection of Belleroche’s work which is considered to be among his finest paintings to arrive on the international art market.

The vibrant energy of this piece bursts forth from its canvas, resonating a soulful sensuality. An exquisite painting, this must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. More about the artist below.

Albert de Belleroche, born in Wales, was the son of the Marquis de Belleroche, one of the most ancient French noble families. Being Huguenots they fled to England in 1685. In 1871, after his father passed away,  he returned to Paris with his family. There he studied at the famous studio of Carolus Duran where he met, and became a great friend and colleague of John Singer Sargent. The artists are said to have influenced each other’s work. Belleroche exhibited alongside the Impressionists and associated with Emile Zola, Oscar Wilde, Albert Moore, Renoir, Degas, Helleu and Toulouse-Lautrec. Belleroche painted Lautrec’s portrait and they shared a favorite model, Lili Grenier, who also became Belleroche’s mistress. Belleroche was revered by both the art critics and the impressionist painters; in fact Degas purchased one of his paintings. He was one of the founders of the Paris Salon d’Automne, which in 1904 awarded him the honor of devoting an entire room to his work. He was also a leading figure in the field of lithography. Scholars believe that Belleroche never became as famous as his impressionist colleagues because, coming from nobility, he was independently wealthy and neither needed nor desired to accept commissions. His passion was creating art for art’s sake.

His paintings and lithographs are housed in the finest museums in the world (including the Tate Museum of London), and a room in the Musée D’Orange is dedicated entirely to Belleroche. The San Diego Museum of Art houses an exceptional collection of Belleroche’s lithographs. We recommend their catalogue, The Rival of Painting: The Lithographs of Albert Belleroche, published by the San Diego Museum of Art.

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