es, everything that has trul been seen must become a oem. — Rainer Maria Rilke

Our Story

Fine Art Specialist & Classic Interior Designer Andrea Lynn Fisher brings to Andrea Fisher Design a Vision Honed Through a Career in Dance and a Passion for 18th & 19th Century French Paintings and Sculptures.

Andrea Fisher, a former grant recipient, and grant panelist, for the NY State Council on the Arts, has auctioned fine art and antiques at Christie’s and Sotheby’s. An art lecturer, former antique dealer and specialist in French Period Art, she enjoys procuring fine period art for her art collector and design clients. She is the Official Garden Designer to the Mission of Argentina to the United Nations, and a designer of exquisite classic interiors that integrate fine art, antiques, and contemporary furnishings. Her designs are timeless and elegant, and inspire a level of beauty which lifts one’s soul.

Albert De Belleroche (1864-944)

Albert De Belleroche (1864-1944)

A Journey through Time

Andrea Fisher’s lecture/presentation titled Exquisite French Period Art and Interiors: A Journey through Time, was presented at the Bucks County Designer Show House and will be repeated at other locations to be announced. The lecture explores the 18th century French Rococo Artists through the 19th century French Academics, as well as their influence on the decorative arts, furniture, literature and culture. The influence of Enlightenment thinking and concepts of Beauty and the Sublime, along with intimate stories about the artist’s life and work, are explored within a cultural and historic context; bringing back to life the colors, tones and textures of this wonderous past.

Our Gallery

Maison Jansen

Maison Baguès

Andrea Fisher Fine Art offers a small yet fine selection of 18th c. French drawings and engravings, 19th c. Academic art and exquisite fine art-lighting made today by Baguès Paris. Also available to our clients are exemplary contemporary furniture pieces, inspired by the French period styles, from the esteemed Taillardat collection of France.

Our Designs

Photo by Phillip Van Nostrand

Our elegant bedroom features sumptuous fabrics and textures, with finest quality contemporary and period art and furnishings. Here, the lovely Lauren Rossi brings our designs to life as she models her exquisite, hand sewn 18th c. inspired dress. Photography by Phillip Van Nostrand and hair styled by Lauren Decosimo. (LaurenRossi.com, Phillipvnphoto.com, LaurenDecosimo.com)

Photo by Phillip Van Nostrand

et’s ave tea…

Our Tea Salon, above, also photographed by Phillip Van Nostrand, features both the Louis XVI style and contemporary furnishings. The beautiful painted console (made today in the Louis XVI taste), with gilded ornaments is from the esteemed Taillardat collection of France. Happily she shares her space with an exquisite pastel drawing by turn of the century French Academic artist Pierre Carriere-Belleuse. Lovely modern paper sculpted flowers by Danish artist Marie-Louise Otte sit atop a collection of books like luscious confection. And pretty little macarons in the softest pastels, from Ladurée, are always welcome.

…and an elegant tea it shall be!

Windows are dressed in silks from France and Italy and the lovely passementerie trims come directly from Paris. On another wall, hand painted silver-leaf wall murals, in the 18th c. Chinoiserie taste, are lovely with our contemporary tea cart and modern leather bench.

The sweet scent of English roses, set in a lovely white and gold cachepot from AERIN, fills the air with the scent of Spring.  And hand-made French porcelain tea cups from Bernardaud are exquisite next to pretty little pastel desserts from Ladurée.


When I was a choreographer, I would begin the creation of each dance with a single idea. With an open heart and an open mind, the creative process itself would lead me in new directions. The result would be a synthesis of all the elements, and the creation of a completed work of art. There were moments when I had the good fortune to observe my audience members shed tears from the experience. The transformative nature of beauty and art runs deep. I find the creative process to be similar with design, be it interiors or gardens. Just like in dance, I start with one idea;  an idea most often inspired by the space and those who inhabit that space. It could be tone, color, rhythm, style or concept. Then I allow this initial idea to lead me through magnificent doors which I had not known were in front of me. The openness of this creative process is what I love about art, beauty and life itself! My desire is always to create a space of beauty and harmony; a place where the soul can find respite and transformation. This wonderous process of creating and bringing beauty to the lives of others brings to me more gifts than I could have ever known.

Beauty is truth, truth beauty, – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. — John Keats

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Andrea Fisher Design

Andrea Fisher Design